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General Information on the Housing Sector in the Republic of Bulgaria PDF Print E-mail

71.6% of the population of the Republic of Bulgaria live in urban areas, and - 28.4% live in rural areas.
In buildings up to three storeys (low-rise buildings) are located a total of 62.1% of the housing in the country, in medium height buildings (4-5 floors) are located a total of 10.9% of the housing, and in high-rise buildings (over 6 floors) are located 27.0% of the housing.
The predominant type of housing is the one with two or three rooms. The structure of the housing in respect of the number of rooms in urban and rural areas is different. In urban areas the largest is the relevant share of two- and three-bedroom housing - 37.8% and 31.5% respectively. The housings in the rural areas are mainly with three or more rooms - 66.4% of all housings.
The average useful area of a housing in urban areas is 64.88 square meters and in rural areas -62.43 square meters.
Most housings are privately owned by individuals - 96.9% and 3.1% of the housings are public property - state, municipal properties, property of companies, public or cooperative organizations.