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Performance of the Formalities Related to the Deal at the Notary’s Office PDF Print E-mail

In order to perform the formalities related to deal at the notary’s office, the parties must appear before the notary to sign the title deed.

The notary public acting in the area where the property is located will have jurisdiction. The seller must submit to the notary the original documents evidencing the ownership right over the property. The notary will verify whether the property is located of the area of their jurisdiction:
The notary public verifies the identity, capacity and representative power of the persons appeared to him/her
The notary verifies that there are no legal impediments to the transfer of the property
The notary ensures that the presented draft title deed meets the legal requirements
The notary verifies that the seller is the actual owner of the property
The notary reads to the parties the contents of the draft title deed and the parties confirm their wills before the notary public, as reflected in the draft title deed
The title deed is signed by the parties and by the notary public
The notary provides the parties with a copy of the title deed